…CLUELESS about tertiary scholarships?

…OVERWHELMED by the scholarship application process?

…TIRED of applying for scholarships, but not getting through?

LET SKOLASTIK OASIS CARIBBEAN (SOC) show you HOW to secure scholarships for your Bachelors, Masters & PhD….

SKOLASTIK OASIS CARIBBEAN (SOC) seeks to bridge the gap between students, parents, working professionals and tertiary education financing, through the identification of scholarships, fellowships and grants, as well as, by providing scholarship application support. This is done through SCHOLARSHIP COACHING using the medium of seminars, one-on-one consultations, boot camps and a MATCHING service, delivered at COMPETITIVE PRICES !

Our service offerings are made possible through a dynamic team of former scholarships recipients living in Jamaica, an IT specialist, scholarship tutors, current students and an Education and Finance Specialist: CEO – Tracy-Ann Hyman.

Ms. Tracy-Ann Hyman has benefitted greatly from scholarships, and desires Caribbean nationals to do the same. To date,  SOC has helped our clients secure just over JA$34 MILLION in scholarships, fellowships and grants and we are excited to help YOU!

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